Fundamental Building Blocks Of A Successful Marketing Campaign

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen the shortened phrase ROI in an article pertaining to Digital Marketing, I’d probably have a nice pot of cash somewhere. We know that not all marketing campaigns are the same, they do not yield the same results and unfortunately, marketing tactics do not yield significant long term results.

Are there comprehensive marketing strategies that could maximize opportunities and yield a greater ROI? My one word answer is an obvious yes. In 2011, I published a marketing guide called, “Farming: A Marketing Explosion” and in it I listed practices that significantly increased opportunities for a successful marketing campaign.

The approach to marketing is very much like the farming process. Each keyword, online connection, review, post, impression, click through, video, infographic, like or follow are seeds spread throughout a field. The challenge is placing those seeds on good soil to yield the greatest success.

When we use the word comprehensive in marketing it doesn’t refer to joining many social media platforms or building a followers list; it refers to how many applicable case studies, white papers, client feedback and knowledge based articles go into the building blocks of each marketing campaign.

My equivalent to fertile and oxygen-enriched soil are market segments and channels that optimize your chances of success. For example, a Facebook business page in and of itself will not necessarily bring tangible results, but understanding your market and how your target audience digests information on Facebook communities will give you the insight needed to produce engaging content on Facebook.

The farmer’s plow and tools to cultivate the soil are the fundamental building blocks to a successful marketing campaign, that our team places into 3 Marketing Phases (very much shortened for brevity and other reasons):

Analysis & Planning – an objective look at your marketing & sales strategy stacked against all the uncertainties of your market and a plan to move forward
Implementation – a dogged determination to execute the plan by the stakeholders; development process is unabated
Marketing and Promotion – a measured pursuit of utilizing all of the themes, channels and marketing tools devised in the preceding phases
Every great marketing campaign should be measured by the metrics of its conversion funnel. For some marketing campaigns there’s a correlation between the amount of hits and resulting sales; the more browsers who are motivated enough by your brand’s messaging to click in can, in some cases, positively affect sales.

We all know that conversion rates are greater from Internet Advertising campaigns when keywords and content are more targeted to the specified audience. Last month I posted an article, “A Website’s Analytics Is Equivalent to a Body’s DNA” and this is especially true for marketing campaigns. The results of marketing campaigns are not based on feelings, but the proof exists in the data.

Digital marketing is very exciting for me. It is not only a profession, but it’s also something that I am very passionate about. So we’re constantly thinking about the most effective strategies to produce the most optimum results at Online eBusiness Solutions.

Vern Nicholson has pioneered comprehensive Digital Marketing Campaigns that utilize SEO, Social Media Engagement, Content, and Advertising. He continues to demonstrate an enormous capacity to execute and maintain advertising campaigns to drive audience engagement and increase revenue opportunities in key priority segments.

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